Not Really "About" Anything

This blog is being written in an attempt to alleviate the anxieties I experience and fulfill my incessant need to offer and explain my own point of view and opinions about anything and everything; with content ranging from the wonted, perseveration in the daily routines of graduate student amphetamine struggling to stay alive to the exceptional, existential, phantasmagoria of an unchained mind predisposed to endless, aimless, wandering. 

Welcome to the unique distillations of my subjective perceptions of my life and the world at large. 

Word of warning: None of this shit will be edited or censored to insure the comfort of whatever asshole may happen to stumble upon this page; should you find this a bothersome characteristic of the things I write, shit if anything about anything I do, say, write, or post bothers you: A) Good B) Fuck you C) I don’t care D) Have a nice day.



3 thoughts on “Not Really "About" Anything”

  1. I will follow too! Thanks for following me! I would add keep doing it!! We live in an era where nothing shocks anyone anymore, let’s enjoy this freedom of speech while we can!

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Hyperfrenetic, Chemically Manipulated Thoughts of a Stranger

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