I’m Back!

After an extended absence from writing here, I have returned. I doubt anyone cared or noticed, but I do apologize to anyone who may have!

The semester ended with more of a whimper than a bang, and after drinking my own disappointment and making my best attempt to celebrate the accomplishments (in one class, in all other aspects of my first semester of graduate school I am largely proud of my performance) of my peers all in the same night and failing miserably, I returned to my childhood home for a some much needed R & R and promptly slept for the majority of the time I was there. Now, having returned to the university, and more importantly my own house, I am refreshed and have new ideas for things to write about.

As I am sure many of you are aware of, and may have dealt with yourself, the weather in pretty much the entire United States is absolute shit. A polar vortex has descended upon almost the entirety of the country (and contrary to the beliefs of some imbeciles does not, in any way controvert global warming) and snarled up air travel a good bit…

Anyway, after a long two days of travel I finally arrived home and got back to living my life. 

When I lived at in New York (which is where I grew up, I forget whether or not I’ve mentioned that), I was a complete neurotic mess;  I couldn’t go out in public without having ingested a benzodiazepine. Now, however, in my midwestern haven, I seem to have become something of a social person and have, in fact, had two very successful casual dating experiences (after having been a serial monogamist, despite my best efforts). 

This has turned into a post about nothing, with the exception of that last paragraph-type-thing or two, anyone who may have some insight as to why I seem to have completely changed my way of living, please share?


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