Binge Drinking and Alcoholism Made Easy! No More Hangovers

Atlanta’s Party Animals Are Crazy About A New Spa That Claims To Cure Hangovers With An IV Drip Read more:

An article from and another thing that pisses me off about American culture. In a land of excess, where a few have A LOT, some have more than enough, many have enough, and a lot are just getting by; two medical doctors (more than enough) are facilitating a problem, namely excessive drinking/binge drinking/alcohol abuse, rather than actually working to promote the health of the individuals in their community. Don’t worry Atlanta, you can get as fucked up as you want, you won’t have to suffer the hangover associated with it, so you can go out and do it again the next night and come back and give us more of your money. Removing the negative reinforcement from a problem behavior effectively reinforces engaging in problem behavior. Alcohol abuse is correlated with numerous psychological, biological, and social health concerns, yet two MDs thought this was a good idea. They got dollar signs glowin in their eyes.


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