After that brief exhibition of my softer side, two things happened this past week that need some attention:

What the fuck is wrong with the United States these days? That’s not a rhetorical question, and but if anyone tells me there’s nothing wrong with the United States because “‘Merica is the greatest country in the whole world” or “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free” as some dumb-fuck country singer so naively proclaimed around the time The Patriot Act was passed; I will know that there communications are worthless and can (must) be placed in their appropriate spot. The garbage.

Some asshole kid got drunk (3x the legal limit I believe) and killed four people in a DWI. Think about that, he’s too fucking young to drink, too fucking drunk to drive, and apparently…too fucking rich to actually punish for his crimes. Some jerk-off psychologist (who must have been rewarded handsomely) diagnosed this little shit with “Affluenza” a condition (not found anywhere in the DSM) in which his upbringing in the lap of luxury, as a child of wealth, actually makes him the victim of affluence. He is too rich to send to jail because he does not understand the consequences of his actions. No, no, nonono, that’s not how it goes. You can’t just make up a fucking psychological condition to help some rich fucking prick avoid jail time. He’s either a sociopath, psychopath or narcissistic psychopath, or some combination of personality disorders, but that doesn’t mean his inability to understand the consequences of his actions (whether this inability is related to money or not) should keep him out of jail. ALL OF THIS HAPPENED IN FUCKING TEXAS, SATAN’S NO MAN’S LAND WHERE FUCKING REPUBLICANS WALK AROUND THINKING EVOLUTION ISN’T REAL, AND THAT TAXING THE POOR MORE AND THE RICH LESS IS A GOOD IDEA, AND THEY CAN’T DISAGREE BECAUSE “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS” yeah i fucking hate Texas, AN ABOMINATION OF A STATE WHERE THEY WOULD EXECUTE YOU FOR A NOISE COMPLAINT AND THIS DUMBSHIT GETS PROBATION. What the actual fuck?

Also, is it just me or is anyone else sick and tired of seeing breaking news about school shootings? I’m not talking about the reports about them, I mean, I am sick and tired of seeing that somewhere in the country some kid is took a weapon to school (or a movie theater or wherever) and started shooting at other kids and educators. Of course, the same debate between fixing mental healthcare and increased gun control will result, and ultimately nothing will change. Some kid took a shotgun to school in Colorado, and only killed himself (which is still tragic, because no young person should feel so trapped that their only way out is violence and/or suicide), and injured one other person…I’m just saying I’m tired of kids killing other kids, having the same political debate arise, and ultimately having nothing change.

Personally, I have a theory as to why this keeps happening…American society has become so delay averse and sensation seeking, that it’s citizenry can no longer wait until time passes and their situations change. No, they’ve got to act out, and they have got to act out now. So a kid having trouble at school shoots up a school and kills himself, what a rush that must have been for him. Our culture has a pervasive problem with violence, we love to be in wars, we treat our soldiers as though they are gods when they return from combat because they killed in the name of liberty and justice, our children play violent video games, our media is bursting with violent imagery, etc…etc…Unfortunately, the American people have done this to themselves, and I personally think this is just one of the first signs of the American collapse into the third world, where people become animals doing what they’re doing but barely knowing why they are doing it.


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  1. awww yes the affluenza….a disgusting look within rich, wasp male privilege. i don’t know if you saw the part that this same kid was 15, so last year, and was found in a car he had stolen, with a naked 14 year old girl passed out from alcohol and more than likely raped or sexually assaulted. the police found him parked in the car, but he was not arrested, he was not forced to get some kind of psych help, he was patted on the head, and more than likely given a scooby snack as a reward for his behavior! it is vile! he is at this point what could be descibed as an apersonal personality, which leads into being a sociopath when the person turns 18. they have no remorse and kill torture rape and commit other unspeakable acts just for shits and giggles.
    i came across another blog today, and they pointed out some really cool stuff. about povertenza (from the blog which is the exact opposite of affluenza, so it is a disease caused by poverty and lack of access to basic needs of life, a reaction to violence in lower income neighborhoods and harassment by police officers and lack of legislation helping the ppl in lower income neighborhoods. this was just a fictional disorder invented bc that shit would never ever ever fly coming out of the mouth of a person of color, a person of poverty, a person who is starving, or any combinations of these conditions.
    i am more than appalled at the lack of response to this tragedy, but it is happening all over the place. a few months ago a school teacher raped a girl in his gym class who was 12, he was found guilty but the judge gave him 30 days probation bc the girl “didn’t act her age.” an ex cheerleader for the nfl sexually assaulted a young man at a party, he was i think 15, no charges filed. but there are many many many ppl serving life sentences or what equals life sentences in state and federal prisons for nonviolent drug offenses. wow!

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